A long tradition

over 4 decades


I have enjoyed designing and working with wood for over 40 years. A native of State College, Pennsylvania, I returned to the rolling mountains of central Pennsylvania in 1997 and set up shop in Port Matilda, producing a variety of quality wood products.

Beth and I at the Grand Tetons in 2021

The wood

The finest cherry lumber grows in Pennsylvania. I utilize mostly Pennsylvania hardwoods, including wood harvested from our family farm in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.  When possible I rescue wood destined for the landfill or wood chipper and incorporate it into many projects.

Each tree is unique, making each board unique. Each a work of art from our Creator. I strive to build pieces that showcase this beauty by emphasizing the color, grain, and richness of the wood. Time is spent matching grain and colors of different boards to compliment each other.


I love to work with wood and strive to use the highest quality wood, construction techniques, and finishes. This means properly drying the rough lumber before it enters my shop and then giving it time to “acclimate” to the temperature and humidity of the shop before turning it into smooth straight boards. It means using traditional joinery, including dovetails and mortise and tenon joints, instead of staples or screws. It means accounting for wood movement so pieces do not warp or crack. It means hand rubbing several coats of finish to bring out the richness of the wood and not hide it.

Lead a quiet life, work with my hands and make something of lasting value

Jim Hopkins, inspired by 1 Thessalonians 4:11