Own an Heirloom

Quality Handmade Wood Products

Hopkins Woodworking

Central Pennsylvania Woodshop

I have enjoyed designing and working with wood for over 40 years. A native of State College, Pennsylvania, I returned to the rolling mountains of central Pennsylvania in 1997 and set up shop in Port Matilda, producing a variety of quality wood products.


Functional Art

Furniture is great but sometimes you just need a beautiful bowl, special spoon or custom coasters.  I enjoy making smaller items, especially functional items you can cherish and enjoy every time you use them – art you can hold, use and enjoy!



Rescuing old wood, dead trees, or discarded scraps is one way to make a difference. Reuse turns trash into treasure. Finding the right project to use offcuts or limited quantities of matching wood takes time and planning but is satisfying when it all comes together.

Designed right, built to last

Heirloom Furniture

Quality long lasting furniture requires proper design to give it strength, account for wood movement and changing environments.  It must be made with quality materials and constructed carefully using proven techniques.